Banking and Finance

Regulatory Risk Modelling Advisory


We have experience working with Australia and Asia's largest banks on programmes such as IFRS 9

Basel III and currently Basel IV.

Credit Risk Scoring and Pricing


 Our team includes specialists in consumer and commercial lending who have developed credit risk scoring models for both wholesale funders as well as direct retail. 

Real Time Customer Marketing


Delivering relevant offers to clients at the right time can mean the difference between retaining a client and losing a client, Kyoob can design an implement offers which will not only retain clients but grow your online revenue channel.

Customer Analytics and Insight


Kyoob is able to engineer the data required from both within our clients organisations and externally to enable your analysts to do what they do best. 

Fraud Detection and Alerts


 Be it real time fraud monitoring for cards or application fraud detection models, Kyoob has the industry experience to guide you on the latest methods to combat fraud and financial crimes.